What is a Portrait Party?

You invite your new mummy friends to have portraits taken of their brand new babies in the comfort of your own home. It's the perfect chance to catch up, share baby stories and eat cake. 

How does it Work?

The hostess provides the location and refreshments, Rachel provides the cute outfits and each baby gets a 20 minute time slot to have their pictures taken. 

After the session, the hostess takes photo orders from the guests, over more tea and cake if need be! For every £20 ordered, the hostess gets £5 towards her own prints order.

How much does it cost?

Everyone pays the reduced portrait fee of just £50, this includes

-20 minute time slot

- 3 Digital Images

- a 10 x 8" print

- 20% off a future full session with Rachel

You should know..

-The babies should be under 4 weeks old. (Portraits Parties for older babies will be coming soon)

- There is a 4 baby minimum for parties

- The host is responsible for creating their guest list and collecting the session fees

- Each baby gets one outfit each which is chosen on the day

- After the session, the proofs will be sent to the host and she will be responsible for sending them to the guests and collecting the orders. 

- I'll take candid photos of the party while i'm there which you can have Facebook friendly versions of at no extra cost. If you'd rather i didn't do this, just let me know.

Message me to Sign up!

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